About your Photo Shoot

Can I bring a friend?

Yes you can, by prior agreement only, and I highly recommend against it unless you are under 18.

If you are under 18, you must have a chaperone. This is for my protection, so there can be no suggestion of anything inappropriate, and so that I can be guided by the chaperone. The chaperone should be either a parent, or someone assigned by a parent, who is 18+. The chaperone should have a clear idea what is wanted/acceptable. The law states that no photographs that are "sexually provocative" can be taken. What that means is a bit of a grey area. If I think an idea is inappropriate, I will refuse to do it. The chaperone should also act as a guide on this. I know this can be frustrating/annoying to young ladies who are just under 18, but the law is for your protection.

Other than chaperones, each additional person present adds risk that you will not get the best results or enjoy the experience as much as you would have done on your own. Sometimes an additional person can be a benefit, sometimes not. My experience is that in most cases the influences are negative. Boyfriends often don't like being photographed, or waiting at a shoot, and sometimes I hear the words "haven't you got enough yet?". That often cuts the shoot short. Girlfriends can be beneficial, but often I find that they increase shyness/nervousness by the person I'm photographing.

Extra people can also feel the need to put in their own input, telling the person I'm photographing what to do. This destroys my artistic flow. If you want my full photographic skills to be employed on your shoot, this needs to be avoided. For the very best results, there should be one artistic director, me.

I try to minimise risks and maximise the chance of getting the best results, so my suggestion for most types of shoot is to avoid extra people. For some outdoor shoots, an extra hand to help with equipment can be a bonus.

If you want someone to come with you, please discuss it with me before booking.

Can I see the pictures during the shoot?

Try and stop me showing you :)
Yes, of course you can. Particularly at the start of a shoot I will want you to look at the results because you can give me feedback on what you like and don't like, and because when you see how great you look, your confidence will soar, and the results will be even better.

I have a question....

If your question is not answered on my website, or you can't find the answer (I do have a lot of pages now), contact me and we can discuss things.
I find it helps to chat before the shoot, people often say "oh I feel much happier now I've talked to you" :)