Copyright Conditions

All images, videos and text on this site are copyright.
All images and videos taken and created by me are copyright.
When I am booked for a photoshoot, unless my client pays extra for ownership of the copyright, I retain copyright.
The client is given permission to use the images/videos for the purpose intended, which may be personal use or for advertising a product.

Use of Images

If you wish to use a copyright image, and if those pictured agree, you must abide by the agreement made.
I may give permission with the condition that I am credited as the photographer.
Otherwise my prices are:

  • $50 per image for print media.
  • $10 per image for online media

That means if I discover you have used one of my copyright images without permission you will receive an invoice, and I will expect payment within 30 days. Failure to pay will result in legal action.