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Christchurch Area

These events occurred in or near Christchurch.

City of Christchurch Highland Pipe Band in Scarborough Park 20th Feb 2011

The sound of pipes filled the air.

Written on 20th February 2011

Central Christchurch

These events occurred in the central tourist area of Christchurch, Cathedral Square, along Worcester Boulevard and in Hagley Park.

Woolston Brass Band in Hagley Park 13th Feb 2011

A wonderful musical event in a magical setting.

Written on 13th February 2011

Festival of Flowers 11th Feb to 6th Mar 2011

Christchurch, the "Garden City" lives up to its name.

Written on 10th February 2011

Santa and his Elf

Santa and his Elf spotted on 10th December 2010 in Worcester Boulevard.

Written on 10th December 2010

Buskers in Cathedral Square on 3rd December 2010

An enjoyable day for tourists and locals.

Written on 3rd December 2010

Around New Zealand

These events occurred outside the Christchurch area.

Picton Maritime Festival on 22nd Jan 2011

On 22nd Jan 2011 Picton seafront was packed. There was live music and girls on stilts.

Written on 9th April 2011

Xmas Parades

Xmas parades occur all over New Zealand, not surprisingly, just before Xmas.


Sports Events

New Zealand is a wonderful country for outdoor sports, and sport is enjoyed by all ages.