Buskers in Cathedral Square on 3rd December 2010

The buskers in Cathedral Square provide entertainment, and liven up the place. The square seems most lively when the weather is good, when the market is on, and when there is a good busker performing.

The pictures that follow are all from the 3rd December 2010, on what I think was a particularly good day for buskers. It was not so sunny, more light high cloud, but that can create great conditions for photography.

I photographed three buskers on that day. This man, juggling and with a unicycle:

This man with fire:

And lastly, this man in chains:

Audience Participation

The picture above should give you a clue. Many of the buskers who visit Cathedral Square seem to be very good at picking willing participants from the audience. This makes the performance less predictable and more interesting & enjoyable. Don't be shy, a good busker is a good people person, and can read body language, and so avoid those who will be unhappy to participate.

This lady (I think her name was Emma) was picked to help the unicyclist, so throwing flaming sticks and knives up to him was part of the task!

I think she enjoyed being part of the show:

The busker with the chains also enlisted help, and created much amusement:

This time a sword was needed!

Yikes, what's she going to do with that sword?!!!!

The Audience

The art of busking seems to be to attract a good audience, to want them to stay and watch, and to give them a good time. Often the audience builds slowly, but once a crowd forms, people walking across the square tend to walk over to see what's happening, and end up staying to watch.

This is a typical audience:

It's good to see people enjoying the entertainment:

The performance can be intriguing, concerning, and funny, and it's good to see people going through those emotions, being really involved with what they are watching:

This couple obviously enjoyed the show:

These girls watching the man with the fire were also fully involved:

This group looked like they enjoyed it:

Occasional Beautiful Portraits

Sometimes skill and luck combine to enable me to create beautiful natural portrait pictures in apparently mundane situations. On this day with the high cloud, the lighting was ideal. But, what makes a portrait picture a little special is the expression and the background. This picture is enhanced by an out of focus bright purple backpack:

Likewise in this picture, a bright green sign in the background enhances it beautifully:


I think the 3rd Decemeber 2010 was a great success for Christchurch tourism. Many tourists and locals enjoyed themselves, and no doubt will remember the experience fondly.

If you recognise yourself in this article, please send me an email and I will happily email you the original images free of charge.

Written on the 3rd December 2010 by Steve