City of Christchurch Highland Pipe Band 20th Feb 2011

This was another musical event in the "Sundy Bandstand" series. It was held at Scarborough Park, next to Sumner, with the clock tower, and seaside cafe.

The environment was very different to that last week in Hagley Park. It was quite windy, but sunny. The park is quite small, and has a playgound. There were far fewer people in the audience, and of course the City of Christchurch Highland Pipe Band is much smaller than Woolston Brass.

Tuning Up

The band started by tuning up, preparing, and chatting.

Marching On

Then the band marched out:

and started playing.

If you have read my articles on street furniture: Street Furniture - Christchurch & Street Furniture - Rubbish Bins you'll already have some idea on my views of this setting:

Photographically there is only one word. Challenging. You'll see in the previous four pictures, by very carefully choosing angles, I've managed to miss all of the bright colours in the playground.

This picture gives an idea of the setting, and shows the size of the band:

Between each tune the audience got an explanation of what was to follow. Initially the microphone worked, and it was easy to hear, but when it failed, it became more difficult. Sound systems appear to be the weakest link at events like this.

So you won't forget the name of the band, with the hills of the Banks Peninsula behind:

The Audience

The audience was small, but many came prepared with chairs. A wide range of ages, with elderly couples, families, anyone who happened to be there or planned to be there for the music.

This couple with their animals caused much interest, with many people stopping to chat and taking pictures of them:

I think the birds enjoyed the music :)

This cyclist took time out to enjoy the music:

A relaxed

muscial event


My impression is that pipe bands create less interest than brass bands. But, those that listened enjoyed it. I would love to hear the Woolston Brass band and the City of Christchurch Highland Pipe Band playing together. That could be a real treat.

Further information on "Sunday Bandstand" is available here: Timetable There are another five Sundays to go, and at various locations.

Written on the 20th February 2011 by Steve