Festival of Flowers 2011

Christchurch is living up to its name as the "Garden City" with a range of plant related activity between the 11th February and 6th March 2011.

Visiting Hagley Park today, the pond by the bridge/cafe/information centre, was more interesting than usual with this topiary:

Both young and old seemed to find this quite an attraction, with many cameras being used.

I noticed new flower boxes on the bridge on Worcester Boulevard, and in Cathedral Square more flowers, and this topiary:

The entrance to the Cathedral has been extended with this arch:

Entering the Cathedral, one is met with a very different view to normal, a hive of activity, both from those creating this arrangement, and from the many visitors looking and taking pictures:

The display is quite magnificent:

And then one can leave, again through the new arch:

I gather from those creating and maintaining this plant spectacular, that much watering is taking place.

Further information on dates and events can be obtained from: www.festivalofflowers.co.nz or by picking up a leaflet at your local library.

Written on 10th February 2011 by Steve