Picton Maritime Festival 22nd Jan 2011

It was cloudy and windy on Saturday 22nd Jan 2011, but the area around the seafront was packed with people. It was the Picton Maritime Festival.


This young lady sang with and without a guitar:

While she played two other young ladies were preparing to perform:

This might have been quite a nice picture, but for that dreaded Steet Furniture

This young lady went wrong, which resulted in this lovely smile:

No one cares if you go wrong if you smile :)

Girls on Stilts

Very tall pirates, and an all female crew.

It was a windy day.

I think she looks friendly, but then there's that cutlas :)

Has he spotted treasure?

Whatever it is, the crew look happy:

Someone to look up to, literally.

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Written on the 9th April 2011 by Steve