Woolston Brass Band in Hagley Park 13th Feb 2011

Those walking through Hagley Park at 12pm today will have heard the lovely sound of a brass band coming from the direction of the Avon river. Following the sound they will have come to the river and the pedestrian bridge which crosses it. A magical spot, with walkers and punts:

On crossing the bridge they will have been met with this, quite a large crowd, many prepared with chairs:

Walking round next to the rotunda, you can see what a magical spot this is, with the trees and river behind:

Those who did not attend this musical treat really missed a great opportunity. It was quite superb, good music, well played, in an superb location.

Woolston Brass

As promised, a few pictures of the band:

And that was the end of the first session. Time for the kids to run around, and the band to relax for a few minutes.

Then the intermission was over, and the wonderful music continued. More of the band:

The Audience

Did the audience enjoy the music? The impression that I gained was that both young and old enjoyed the occasion.
The audience looked attentive, happy and relaxed:

The audience enthusiastically joined in with clapping:


A great success. A magical and memorable musical event. Many thanks to the Woolston Brass for a spectacular musical time.
I would make one small negative comment. It was impossible for those further away to hear the conductor. Maybe the addition of a microphone would help. But, just a very minor point.

Further information on "Sunday Bandstand" is available here: Timetable There are another six Sundays to go, and at various locations.

There is information about the band here at Woolston Brass.

Written on the 13th February 2011 by Steve