Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I really need a 1/2/3... hour photo shoot?

You can choose the length of shoot you would like. I try to create as many different results as possible in the time. But, time does just fly by on photo shoots. If you've not experienced a professional photo shoot before, you may be surprised how quickly the time goes. I guess partly it's that old saying "time flies when you're having fun".
My minimum photo shoot length is 1 hour because I think anything less than that is just too short to get any variety of results and for the person to enjoy it. 2 hours is a good duration, but i goes very quickly. 3 hours is a good length for many types of shoot.

Do you have to publish pictures from my Photo Shoot?

No. I only publish pictures from photo shoots if I have written permission (if I have a signed model release form). Most of my photo shoots go unpublished!
I do like to publish at least some pictures from each photo shoot if possible, so others can see my work. If you are happy to sign a model release form, I'm happy if you include conditions, such as whether I need to wait before publishing, whether there are certain types of pictures I can publish, whether you have pre-approval, whether they can't go on Facebook but can go on my website. It's important to me that you feel comfortable and feel happy with what is published.
I'll also ask whether it's ok to tag you on Facebook.

There is a benefit to you if you do sign a model release form. If your best pictures would enhance my portfolio, when I get time, I'll edit them and publish them. You get those edited free, which can involve a significant saving. And your friends get to see you at your best :)

I'm a larger lady, I'll never look good will I?

Yes, you will, trust me, but we'll have to work together on good preparations :)
When photographing everyone, I'm looking for their best features, and looking to emphasise those, to make those things the main features of the pictures.
Go to some photographers, those who don't understand lighting and poses, and you will end up with results you'll probably hate. There is little worse for a larger lady than being photographed by someone with bland lighting techniques. You'll end up looking larger than you are!
Please, contact me, lets talk about clothing, makeup, nails, and what types of pictures you like. I need to see some pictures of you, or meet you. I will guide you away from ideas that aren't best for you, and guide you towards ideas best for you.
I wish I could show you the pictures from a recent photo shoot with a larger more mature lady. She was very concerned about how she would look. As a result, I took a few pictures, and then showed her the results in the camera, allowing her to comment on things she liked and didn't like, so I could adjust things. I'm pleased to say, that at the end, she had lots of pictures she was very happy with. It's shoots like that that give me confidence. Unlike the "factory studios" at malls, each of my photo shoots is very personalised, and I put all my effort into making sure the person I'm photographing is happy.
So, please, let me show you how good you can look :)

Do I need to lose some weight before my shoot?

In short, no, whether you lose weight before your shoot or not, you'll still look great.
But, if you want to lose some weight, I suggest you book your shoot with me now. That will give you an incentive to work towards, and whether you reach your goal or not, you'll get your shoot and get the great pictures you want :)
If you do lose some weight, it may enable you to do poses that wouldn't have been so suitable before you lost that weight :)

Does everyone you photograph have perfect skin?

No. But if that was one of your questions, I'm pleased :)
Only very few have near perfect skin. There are two techniques for near perfect looking skin. One is lighting, which has its limits, the other is manually editing the pictures afterwards.
Lighting works, but limits the type of looks possible, so I usually prefer to rely on editing which I've described on my Picture Editing page.
All the pictures I publish have been manually edited to remove most skin imperfections, while leaving a natural looking skin. I try to avoid the over-air-brushed look.

How many pictures will I get and how big will they be?

You'll get all the pictures from your photo shoot on a CD. They won't have a watermark on them.
I normally supply them full-size (about 5600x3700 pixels), which can be printed any size you want.
I'm happy to supply them whatever size you'd like, just talk to me about it when booking.

The number of pictures varies with the type of shoot. I don't aim for quantity, I aim for quality. One really good picture is better than 10 not so good pictures :)
The greatest number of pictures will be when I'm not using any lighting equipment, and may have the camera on burst mode. For example, if I'm photographing people playing on a beach.
When using lighting equipment, more time is spent setting up the lighting and shooting is slightly slower.
The minimum number of pictures per hour is about 60, the maximum 200 and above.

What will my un-edited pictures on CD look like?

This is where photographers differ. Those that don't use good lighting equipment will tend to be creating less good looking pictures "in camera". This means samples won't look so good, and you'll only get better looking pictures when they've edited them. Special effects will be added during editing.

For most types of photo shoot I like to create great looking pictures "in camera". This means in most cases most of your sample pictures will look great. The lighting will be great, so the pictures will have that professional look/quality, and I will have created most special effects while taking the pictures. I think my approach offers better value for money.

Do I need to get my pictures edited?

You don't need to get any edited. You can just pay for the photo shoot, and get your un-edited pictures on CD.
You can get pictures edited if you want, and at any time after your photo shoot.
You'll probably be happy with the un-edited pictures when they are not close-up face pictures.
There a few reasons why getting your pictures edited is a good idea:

  • You don't have perfect skin, and the picture is a close-up on your face. Editing will usually make a big difference.
  • If you have any issues with things like stretch marks, scratches etc, that you don't want visible in the pictures.
  • If you want to get the pictures printed, specially bigger prints. When printed, edited pictures will usually look significantly better than un-edited pictures.

I can't find the answer to my question!

I've tried to cover as much as possible on my website. If you've not found the answer to your question, just Contact Me :)
I'm keen that you understand exactly what you'll get for your money. No hidden costs, no surprises, other than pleasant ones when you see how great your pictures are :)