Diamond DesignZ by Tara-Mary Dockerty-Wanhalla

Miss Tara-Mary Dockerty-Wanhalla is a Christchurch based fashion designer, and owner of label Diamond DesignZ.
Tara designs and makes clothing and accessories for men, women and children.

Waterfront Dreams

Tara's ‘Waterfront Dreams’ 2011 summer collection developed after an incident where she was trying to locate a dance class in a new city. She said, “I ended up getting horribly lost and ended up on a wharf somewhere. At this point I decided to just keep walking down the waterfront, and this idea came to me of creating a summer resort inspired collection. I wanted something that you could wear during the day in the city that would transition easily to the yacht, or in the sun somewhere.”

Two examples, out and about, dry:

In the sea, but dry:

In the sea:

Contact Details

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Cell: 027 237 9062

Email: diamond_designz@hotmail.co.nz

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