Makeup Tips

Step by step eye shadow tutorial, for all eye shapes

Watch this YouTube video:

Avoiding the "white face" look

This is especially noticeable for those with a dark tan. The face foundation/powder can reflect the flash light, making the face look white, while the body looks very tanned. This is mostly noticeable with direct flash, less so with bounced flash, and not normally seen with natural light.

This article explains it quite well and recommends "Clinique Super City Block sheer foundation".

This article suggests that flashback is caused by silica, and other fine powders that reflect light back.

The recommendation is "Use silica powder, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, mica, shimmer and glitter sparingly"

Tips on this:

  • Maybe avoid foundations that contain iron/zinc dioxides or titanium dioxide etc
  • Apply a loose powder to the face that has colour in it. This can counteract or even eliminate foundation flash back
  • Beware certain products (powders) that may also cause the same problem

And most important, before your big day, apply the products, then take a flash picture of yourself, and see whether it suffers from flashback.

How to make eye bags vanish

You need to highlight the shadow. Avoid highlighting the bag, which will make it worse.
Here is a video from UK makeup artist Wayne Goss , showing how to do it: How to make eye bags vanish in seconds