Actor & Actress Photography

Mike Edward

I was lucky enough to be able to photograph Mike Edward, probably best known as Zac Smith in Shortland Street, while he was training. Mike is a very nice guy, very different to the character he portrays on Shortland Street.

In these first few shots, I wanted to show the dynamics involved, so I blurred the motion, just catching the final position in sharpness. I like creating something that looks different, and arty, and I think these are.

Using the same technique, but this time Mike is almost stationary. You can see just his feet are moving very slightly. This shows how still his pose was.

These pictures demonstrate the power and control that Mike has achieved with what is obviously a very difficult move.
The first picture shows Mike lowering towards the final position, You can see his feet moving downwards:

The final position, with no movement. You can see how this photographic technique is quite useful and instructive for this type of shoot.

The following pictures use a more conventional photographic technique. Here Mike is using the red silks:

This is Jaine Meiko and Mike Edward. Jaine is a very accomplished circus performer.

This is Mike at the start of a sequence of moves using the red silks:

Thank you Mike, it was an honour to meet you, and a privilege to be able to photograph you :)