Baby Cake Smash Photography

My cake smash photo shoots are extremely popular because a 1 hour cake smash would normally involve about 45mins of family pictures of your choice, and finish with about 15mins of the cake smash. That means you get a great family photo shoot and a cake smash photo shoot all for the one price.
I suggest you bring a variety of clothes for you and your children, so you get a variety of looks.
The best cakes are simple soft sponge with cream. I suggest you avoid chocolate (too messy) and "ice cakes" (too cold).
Please think about what your baby will like, as the best results happen when the baby really gets involved with the cake :)
Please brings wipes and bags to cleanup and take away the cake :)
A 1 hour photo shoot would typically result in about 300 pictures on your DVD.
For prices see My Services & Prices page.

From a 1hr cake smash photo shoot

Jimi, Jess & Aaliyah

Aaliyah after enjoying her cake :)

Jess from the same cash smash photo shoot.

Another one of Jess outside.

Erin and family

Kayla and family

And time at the end to make sure mum gets a good portrait for herself.

Mylah Cake Smash

From a 1 hour photo shoot.
The cake smash compilation picture.

The individual cake smash pictures.

Chloe Cake Smash

All of these pictures of Chloe are from one photo shoot in my Rangiora, Christchurch studio.

We started with a variety of clothes for Chloe to create a good variety of results.

First a couple of funny pictures. This was inspired by me seeing a Facebook post by Chloe's Granmother of the 1st birthday cake she'd just made for Chloe. When I spotted this picture from the shoot, I just imaged Chloe seeing the Facebook post on the phone she was holding, and what her reaction might be :)

When I saw this picture, knowing that the cake smash was done just after this, I had this idea :)

This is how we started the cake smash photo shoot, with a very pretty dress, and Chloe looking cute and pretty :)

A compilation picture from the cake smash in my Rangiora Christchurch studio :)

A bigger example from the compilation.

She's such a cuteee :)

Lana Cake Smash

This time I got mum Brooke involved :)

Lana looking excited about the cake :)

What a wonderful expression :)