Commercial, Corporate and Advertising Photography

If you are looking for images for your website, for newspaper adverts, posters, business gifts, whatever you need images for, contact me so we can discuss your needs.
I have an ever growing list of models available, and if you look at the other categories on my website, you'll see the possibilities of creating stunning eye-catching images for your business.

A photo shoot for Leanne McCurrie hair & makeup artist

A photo shoot for Jim Beam, New Zelaland of the bar leaner featured in these POS adverts.

A photo shoot for Mike Brown of

One of the fun ideas :)

A Photo Shoot for Mark Tomlinson of

These pictures are from a 1 hour photo shoot in my Rangiora studio.

A Photo Shoot for Danny de Hek of New Zealand's Information Network

Here are some examples of eye-catching and different commercial pictures for Danny de Hek of business New Zealand's Information Network.
All these ideas and styles were created in one fun 5 hour photo shoot.

Danny showing off his main website:

Danny's office, given a high-tech look with special lighting:

Danny is very much into gadgets, and here, in a take-off of darlek Davros in Dr Who, Danny goes mad with his gadgets :)

Danny is also into shooting:

Danny showing his dog the benefits of technology :)

A simple portrait of Danny de Hek: