Courtenay Brown Day 1

This is Courtenay Brown (model and make-up artist) who did a 6 hour photoshoot with me with absolutely no sign of tiring. Amazing.
We started in a barn, varying clothing and ideas, many of which were spontaneous.

A really beautiful picture of Courtenay.

Using the wooden wall as background.

I seem to spend a lot of time arranging hair, and in this case I went for a very hair covered face look.

Let's use the tractor.

Little dress and metal wall background.

I think this is one of the most stunning pictures of the day.

Everyone I work with has fun on my shoots, and that often means they mess around between shots. If I spot an opportunity for something different, I grab it. Here's a great example of something Courtenay did, and so we went with it to get this picture.

Then we got this lovely picture.

There was a pitch fork, and I suggested a little role playing.

I think Courtenay was genuinely terrified. Or was she acting?

Since Courtenay had got quite cold by this point I suggested adding this large dressing gown over her dress, which enabled her to be warmer, while creating some "implied nude" (or "implied" for short) pictures, with the tractor as prop and the field outside as background.

Then we went back to my studio.
A few reflective pictures of Courtenay looking out of the window.

Finally, because Courtenay said she thought she looked dead in these pictures, a little "dark side" or "alternative" fun.

She's OK, really :)