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You get all the unedited pictures from the photo shoot high resolution (~5600x3700 pixels) in colour and black&white, big enough to print any size, on a DVD, without a watermark. You also get the pictures 1200x800 in colour and black&white, an ideal size for emailing and posting on social media sites.
DVD usually posted NEXT DAY :)

Pictures can be of you, the graduate, and you and your family and friends. Any mix of people you would like. All for the same price!
At a location of your choice. The Botanic Gardens is a great place to use as there are lots of locations all within a short walking distance.

You can share a 2hr+ shoot with another graduate if you'd like at no extra cost.

I think you will find my prices to be EXTREMELY competitive, and my results to be very good :)

Philippa Bell

Phil emailed me when she got her DVD:
Hi Steve,
I got the DVD today and ohmigod I love them! Thank you soooooo much, i’ll definitely pass your name around, they are fantastic!

Liam Stoneley

Liam is graduating in History & Maori from the University of Canterbury.

Ethan Huda

Ethan is graduating in Law from the University of Canterbury and he wanted something different. This is one example from his graduation photo shoot.

What Ethan wanted for his graduation photo shoot was quite different to what I usually get asked for, but it was really cool to do something different like this.
An advantage of me specialising in portrait photography of all types is that I can create whatever look you want.

Ethan wanted something different, not just "smiling at the camera" shots.

A more conventional graduation picture at the university.

Jenny Green

This is an example photo shoot for Jenny Green who graduated in Commerce on Tues 15th April 2014.

Jenny is a lovely young lady, and I'd like to thank her (and her lovely parents) for giving me permission to publish these pictures :)
Congratulations Jenny, and I wish you the very best for your future :)

As with all my photo shoots, Jenny got ALL the pictures from the photo shoot full-size in colour and black&white, which can be printed any size. She also got 1200x800 versions, also in colour and black&white, an ideal size for posting on Facebook or emailing to friends and relatives.

From the outdoor part of the photo shoot in the Botanic Gardens

This was a 1 hour photo shoot.

From the indoor graduation ceremony at the CBS Canterbury Arena

From after the ceremony, just outside the arena

Alysha Wilson

I asked Jenny whether there was anyone else who would like to be photographed after the graduation.
She said her friend Alysha.

Alysha (and her family) are also delightful, and it was a pleasure to create some nice pictures for them to celebrate this great day :)