Hayley Day 1

Hayley and I had great fun on our photoshoot, the weather was lovely, and Hayley is one of those young ladies who smiles often and naturally.

First, some beautiful and casual pictures on a bench, with nice backgrounds.

A tree, a nice background, and a happy beautiful young lady, photography is so easy sometimes :)

This picture reminded me of an old French film, so I processed it that way.

Down by the river, carefully selecting the spot and the right background. One of my favourite types of picture, the sheer beautiful.

Another picture with the river setting.

On the way to change clothes I spotted this stone wall. Too good an opportunity to miss.

Then for something a little different and fun.

That also creates beautiful pictures.

In situations like this, it's possible to create fun pictures like this.

and stunningly beautiful pictures like these.

On to the river bank and another dress.