Ida Day 3 - Playing the Guitar

Just playing the guitar in a well composed setting can result in images like this:

Ida tried having her hair up for a change:

And then down again:

I like to use a remote wireless shutter release when using a tripod, as it gives me the freedom to check all the details of the pose and interact with the person I'm photographing. In this case I got in the frame!

But, all is not lost. Look at this beautiful result from cropping closer:

Let's try a hat:

A closer crop to show that wonderful smile:

Let's try another position:

A closer crop:

If having your picture taken isn't fun, find another photographer. I think Ida was enjoying herself :)

And as a result, we created images like this:

It's difficult to see this size, but a different crop of this picture resulted in the picture at the top: