Ida Day 3 - Sheep Pen

Pictures taken in sheep pens may look glamorous, but in reality sheep pens are dirty and a little uncomfortable. Sometimes it's worth it for pictures like this:

I took these pictures of Ida climbing up the sheep pen when I saw how wonderful the light was for Ida's skin. The Sun was still quite high, but the result is superb. Look at how vibrant the colours are, and how the skin contours are emphasised by the changes in tone.

A close-up:

Here's another one:

In photography, lighting is very important. As you can see, full Sun on the skin can be wonderful. Unfortunately full Sun on the face is often disastrous. There are two reasons for that. One is that people can't look at the Sun without squinting, and the other is that when they tilt their head down to avoid squinting, large shadows occur over the eyes and under the nose, and in this case from a hat. The following pictures were taken with no lighting aids. With the right equipment, they would have been better, but they are still quite good, and they are instructive.

With the camera pointing away from the Sun, the background colours will be more vibrant. Quite a lot of Ida's face is in shadow, but she looks wonderful in that light, and with that hat.

With the hat removed, turning away from the Sun is one solution, but the eyes still suffer from excessive shadows.

Here Ida's hair is shading her eyes from the Sun:

Here you can see little shadow on Ida's right eye, but she's forced to squint:

One solution is the contemplative looking down pose. Here the shadows look more appropriate:

Time for a change of position:

No model, however beautiful, can overcome the laws of physics. It is up to the photographer to provide the best lighting possible in the circumstances. Sometimes one just has to compromise.