India Lowe Day 1

India and I spent the whole day creating amazing pictures. I think I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Whatever I say will not suffice!
All outfits were entirely India's idea, she obviously has a great sense of style.

First at the beach.

On our way from the beach to the concrete round holes, and I spotted this opportunity. It was very busy and difficult to get a clean picture, but wow, what a result.

Then a classic "next top model" type location.

I noticed the wall behind this bench, and just asked India to sit and relax. I knew we'd create something special.

India had a beautiful formal dress, so we really had to create something special to show it off.
I was not prepared for quite how stunning the results would be.
As those who have worked with me will know, I talk a lot on photoshoots. They say it's good as it helps them to relax. I take maybe 10 pictures and then check them on the camera and show them to the person I'm photographing. Sometimes, just sometimes, when I check an image, I stop talking, for maybe a whole 5 seconds, because I'm so impressed. One of the images below stopped me for a full 15 seconds.

India and I planned to create a hair and flower picture if we got time. You would not believe where we did this, so I won't even try LOL

The final set, to complete our 7 hour photoshoot!

India, thank you, we created so many stunning images, you are a delightful young lady with great style, and all 7 hours was great fun.