Jessica Day 1

Jessica was very specific, she wanted stunning pictures of herself in her formal dress, and she wanted pictures looking sexy in her bikini.
The former was really easy because of the location, weather, dress (which is stunning), and Jess, who was an absolute delight to work with.

Finally, a few pictures to show the beautiful back of Jess's dress.

Creating the bikini pictures was great fun, but also involved both of us standing in ice cold water. This meant very short sessions trying different things.
We started with Jess just out of the water. At this point I already knew the water was cold...I was standing in it!

These were easy, we were both dry :)

But, to get those lovely kneeling in the water shots, there was nothing else for it, Jess had to kneel in freezing cold water, and look sexy. Thankfully she did it, as you can see :)

Then some dramatic shots.

It was way too cold and slippery to get Jess under the waterfall. Another day :)
But we still got this great picture.

Finally, before dashing back to the warmth of the car, some really stunning model pictures.

Thank you Jess, what a delightful young lady you are.