Jessie Carson Day 1

My first photoshoot with Jessie Carson, a beautiful young lady.

This picture shows you don't need a studio to create great lighting.

This looks like a studio shot, but it's not.

Just standing on  bridge.

But the same location can become an amazing studio quality lighting setup.

With stunning pictures like this.

An interesting result from a different camera angle and combined natural and artificial lighting.

But what I noticed is how good, and beautifully framed and artistic, Jessie's legs look in this crop. A few alternate post-processing versions. Which one is best?

Let's use those steps.

With very high heels it's time to climb a tree :)

It's amazing what stunning pictures can be created in the last few minutes of a shoot on the spur of the moment. To think Jessie and I might not have created these.

This one deserves several different versions.