Jin Day 1

When I met Jin for the first time she was anxious about having pictures taken. We walked and chatted for about 10 minutes, and found a reasonably quiet spot by a tree. I explained a few basic things about posing, took a few pictures, and showed Jin the results. She was still anxious and every time someone walked near by she'd worry about them watching.

We walked to another spot, while talking, took a few more pictures, and then moved to a third location. It was at this point that I could see Jin just starting to relax a little, maybe even starting to enjoy herself. That's where we created this image:

We then moved to a nice tree where I asked Jin to climb onto a low branch and lean against the main trunk.
That's where we created this beautiful image:

As Jin said to me, "you're funny and light-hearted", and I think that helped her to relax. No pressure, just friendly relaxed patience.
What surprised both me and Jin, was this next image.

I showed this to Jin, and she said "wow, I've surprised myself", and at that point I think her confidence rocketed.
I like this image so much (I think it's one of the best in my portofio to date), I've created some alternate versions.

Anyone looking at Jin's eyes and thinking "wow, beautiful eyes" should know that Jin was wearing no eye liner, no mascara, and no eye shadow! So all natural beauty.

I think this one shows a certain elegance beyond her years.