Kass Day 1 The Start

This is Kass. She had no modeling experience before our shoot. I spent about 20 minutes explaining the basics of posing, taking pictures and showing her the results, so that she would see her poses improving and gain confidence and begin to relax and feel less anxious. This is one of the first posed pictures after that tutorial phase. What a great start!

As you can see, Kass is a beautiful young lady:

Even at this early stage, Kass started to improvise:

I like to show pictures like this, to show that photo shoots are not something to worry about. I try, and succeed, to make them enjoyable and fun. I'm very serious about creating the very best images, but I like to smile and joke and have fun while doing it, and I want those I'm taking pictures of to enjoy it too.

The result a few minutes later is this amazing image. Remember this is someone who 50 minutes earlier had never done this before.

Kass chose this pose, and what a beautiful result: