Luna, Ellie & Megan Day 1

When I offered "Luna", "Ellie" and "Megan" the chance to create their own 'model stage names' they immediately jumped at it, and so Luna, Ellie and Megan were 'born'.

After a discussion about what 'mum' wanted, and looking around their place to see what the possibilities were, we decided to start in the barn.

Hopefully you can see the intentional humour in this picture :)

This is Ellie.

It almost looks likes Ellie is about to cry.

But as you can see from the very next shot, she was just about to burst out laughing.

This is Luna.

This is Megan.

We then moved out of the barn to get some shots with Megan's pony.
Megan and her pony.

Luna, Ellie & Megan with Megan's pony.

I asked Ellie to run to the edge of the field and back. I then put the shots together to create this.

Finally, "Spot"  the dog (not his real name LOL).