Emma & Jono's Wedding

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My coverage of Emma & Jono's wedding started at Emma's house at 11am

While the ladies are getting their hair and makeup done, there's time for baby photography :)

And between two bridesmaids, this ever so cute moment occurred :)

Eve is reading her speech while others are busy moving around (as caught in the reflections of the two mirrors). All of this amongst family pictures, mixing the history of the family with the current event. I was waiting for the right moment. This is what I love to do at wedding preparations, to be accepted, for those there to be relaxed in my presence, and to be able to capture natural moments.

Emma went into her bedroom to put on her wedding dress. She was joined by her daughter Tyla. Why was I kneeling on the floor at the end of the corridor? I was waiting for a moment like this :)

The bridesmaids and Emma getting ready. This is bridesmaid Rachel.

This is bridesmaid Sophie.

This is bridesmaid (Maid of honour) and Emma's sister Eve.

The bridesmaids helping with Emma's dress.

A very relaxed wedding preparation:

The beautiful bride, Emma.

I photographed the ceremony which started at 3:30pm

Emma just before she walked down the aisle.

Emma & Jono's two beautiful children.

Emma & Jono getting married :)

The group pictures after the ceremony started at about 4pm

Pictures of Guests

After the "official" group pictures, I was happy to take pictures of anyone who wanted them, so I got quite a few couples and small groups wanting pictures.

Natural Unposed Pictures of Guests

While Emma & Jono were being congratulated and were talking to guests, I took the opportunity to take some natural unposed pictures.
Here are a few examples.

The Reception

Bridesmaid (maid of honour) Eve speaking.

Emma's dad Nigel giving his speech.

Natural Unposed Pictures of Guests

At the reception is a great time to capture natural moments.