Haydene & Richard's Wedding

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I started by photographing Haydene and her bridesmaids getting ready. This is one of my favourite times during a wedding, because I can create such beautiful pictures in normal homes. With a little thought about what they wear before they put on their dresses, and being comfortable with me there, I can capture those very beautiful natural moments, and given good time between being dressed and leaving for the ceremony, I can also create magical posed pictures.

The value of this time really should not be under-estimated. I suggest to brides that they make sure they have plenty of time between having their hair and makeup finished and leaving for the ceremony. What you see below will show you why :)

Pictures of the ceremony. Choosing a good location for a ceremony enables me to create pictures like these :)

Family pictures and bridal party pictures. Chosing a location with beautiful spots and a variety of ideas all within easy walking distance enables a lot more beautiful pictures to be taken in a relaxed way.

The reception.