Laura & Simon's Wedding

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I took 1851 pictures of Laura & Simon's wedding. I also took about 1hr 20mins of video, and I did an audio recording of the entire church service.
Not to mention the pre-wedding shoot! So I can only include a very small sample on this page, and I'll split it into sections.

Hair & Makeup

Bridesmaid Laura Altenburg at Flawless Hair & Beauty, Rangiora:

Bridemaid Hilary at Flawless Hair & Beauty, Rangiora. The idea was to create as beautiful a picture of HIlary as the professional model in the picture :)

Outside Flawless Hair & Makeup

The bridal party having fun outside Flawless Hair & Beauty, Rangiora:

Bridal Party

In Victoria Park, Rangiora, after having their hair and makeup done, and before the church.
As you can see, this was a "rainbow wedding" :)

In the Church

Entering the church.






Laura & her dad Glen:

In the church, that special moment when Laura & Simon became Mr & Mrs. With smiles all round :)

Family Pictures

The happy couple:

A fun/nice montage:

The whole family in one picture :)

At the reception

Simon & Laura.

Marie, one of the bridesmaids.

Lots of "messing around", having fun, and creating different ideas.
The "dead bride" :)

Tractor surfing.

Tractor jumping.