Lee and Darron's Wedding

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I started at the bride and groom's home, taking pictures of the rings, using a prop I'd prepared for them. I've edited them in colour and black and white.

Then I used  a book with ribbons they'd prepared:

I took this picture of Lee at the window:

Most of the wedding party left, leaving four of us to take some relaxed pictures in the garden:

Then it was time to leave for the ceremony:

Lee and Darron's ceremony was held in a beautiful location and the weather was really good. Lee and her dad walking from the car to the ceremony:

The ceremony, with Lee & Darron and guests. I love to blend in to the background and capture those beautiful natural moments.
As Lee said afterwards "Thanks so much for a great day, and fantastic effort. Can't wait to see our wedding photos Steve Selwood. If anyone needs a photographer in the Waimakariri Area I highly recommend Steve. We hardly knew he was even there half the time and lots of great ideas for getting fantastic shots."
Although there are times when I become part of the day with the bride and groom, and guests, especially the posed group shots, most of the time I prefer to allow the bride and groom to enjoy their day. You'll see in these ceremony pictures that there's only one picture in which the bride and groom are looking at the camera :)

Although this is mainly about the bride and groom, I like to complete the picture of the day by capturing natural pictures of the guests like these:

You can see in this picture where those guests were standing:

That special moment when Lee and Darron became Mr & Mrs :)

Lee and Darron signing the paperwork:

The guests signing the paperwork:

A couple of posed pictures of everyone with the celebrant:

The weather is beautiful, the couple are married, so now we can create some relaxed group pictures. At this stage I want to try and make sure I create all the group shots the bride and groom want, and hopefully with everyone looking happy and with ideas that are natural and interesting.

Let's start with something fun so everyone feels relaxed, just don't stand on the photographer lol. Why is he laying on the floor taking pictures of that tree anyway? lol

There isn't room for everyone, so let's do that again with another group.

Now for various group shots.

Using a wedding prop I designed and made.

I'm very pleased when people feel comfortable and relaxed enough to have fun and mess around :)

Often the ideas I have are unplanned and inspired by the personalities of those I'm photographing. I love this picture, I suggested Lee's dad and wife look at Lee and Darron while they kiss. I think it's such a cute picture which works for those personalities.

The rest of the wedding party has left for the reception, so now is a quiet time for the bride and groom to get some nice pictures together.

And one of the groom before we head back to the reception.