Lee & Royce's Wedding

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A 6 hour photoshoot of Lee and Royce's wedding.
With thanks to one of my models, Andrea Hooper, for assisting me :)

Before the ceremony

Lee having her makeup done:

Lee's daughter doing the ribbon on the back of Lee's dress:

One of the groomsmen pinning the flower onto Royce's lapel:

Royce's flower, tie, and waistcoat:

The Ceremony

Here comes the bride:

Lee & Royce saying their vows:

You may now kiss the bride:

'Formal' pictures

The married couple:

Some fun ideas:

I spotted the two groomsmen drinking, so asked them to come over with their drinks :)

The Meal

Candid pictures of the guests:

Time to dance, relax, chat and play

The first dance:

And yet more kissing lol :)

Kids playing: