Rachel & Stephen's Wedding

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My two assistants (Alice&Emily) & I started at 11am, finished at 11:30pm. We took 2474 pictures & 55GB of video (preparation, ceremony, reception including 1st dance, dancing and leaving) along with audio recordings of preparation, ceremony and reception. All backed up onto 3x drives by 3:30am that night.
A very long and very successful day. Here are a very small number of examples.

Stephen having his button hole fixed before the wedding ceremony.

A wedding guest looking at one of the wedding cars.

One of the bridesmaids walking down the steps towards the ceremony.

The bride, her dad, and the matron of honour walking towards the ceremony.

The bride with her dad ready to walk up the aisle.

One of those beautiful moments during the ceremony, celebrant reading, bride looking down holding hands with her future husband.

A great smile, the bride being shown her vows by the celebrant.

This box, held by the bride's father, was special to the bride and groom, it contains love letters, and was part of the ceremony.

I asked the two bridesmaids to move so I could take this picture with the wedding party involved in the signing framed by the bridesmaids, making it a move interesting picture.

The married couple walking back up the aisle, don't they look happy.

The big group family picture with lake and fountain behind.

The bride and groom framed by one of their wedding props, a picture frame, what a neat idea :)

After the family pictures the bridal party went to this rather nice house for pictures. This one looks like it could be in Vogue, a beautiful wedding dress and parasol in a beautiful elegant room :)

The house has this lovely carpetted staircase, which we made good use of.

Mother and daughter, bride and mother of the bride.

The bride and her bridesmaids on the stairs having fun.

When the location is this nice it's good to do these more environmental wedding pictures.

One of the bridesmaids looking stunning on the stairs.

The bride on the stairs looking out to the hallway.

Probably the most spectacular picture of the day, The bride, dress looking amazing, in the hall.

The bridal party on the veranda with parasols.

The end of the 1st dance.

Leaving the recption with a sparkler send off.