My Props


I have an every growing list of props for my studio (and for outdoor shoots). This includes: Clothes, Bikinis, Shoes, Jewellery, Fascinators, Nail Tips, Nail Polish; Curtains, Nets, Lace, Paintings, Mirrors, Windows, Doors, Bed, Duvets, Throws, Furs, Dressing Table, Chairs, Chest, Lights & Lampshades, Flowers, Model guns, Parasols, Feathers and various Musical Instruments (Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele).

I also have props specifically for baby shoots, including a large collection of stuffed animals, letter blocks for spelling out your baby's name, wicker baskets, cute hats, petals, books, shawls, and a variety of bedding, including furs and throws.

Here is one example, a lovely wooden chest, and one way to use it, with my dress and shoes:

My dress and shoes in my round window:

One of my model guns, again with my round window, lit differently:

An example of curtains, lace, a white fur, painting, flowers:

Dressing table with mirror, ornaments, pearls, and bed with cover in the background:

My electric guitar. It's a deep red wood, which shows up well in pictures when lit well.

For some shoots I build the "set". This is a great example:

This round glass 'podium' is very popular, and has been used in a number of different ways:

I have a large plush red velvet swing, big enough for one:

Or a whole family !

I have wedding dresses, and I can construct windows with blinds, curtains etc, in my studio: