My Studio

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I have a large 10x7m studio with a high ceiling in Rangiora near Christchurch. Because I am a creative person who likes to create new ideas, I've built my studio like a film set. This means I can move walls around, and create different "sets". The flexibility this gives me also means I can build new things for my studio and incorporate them in different ways. I'm constantly building new things.
The high ceiling allows me to do things that wouldn't be possible with a low ceiling, I can photograph from high above, or photograph someone jumping on a bed, for example.

A stage created for a burlesque shoot in my Rangiora studio:


I keep constructing windows to create different effects. This is one example:

Round Window

I decided a round window would be a great feature for my studio. It's moveable, and I'll be adding optional features to it. It can be used in many different ways, many I haven't expored yet.
Here are a few examples:

Movable Walls

I have a number of movable wall panels of different sizes. This enables me to construct rooms within my studio, with windows and doorways.
Here is a simple example where I've constructed a wedge:

Here is a much more sophisticated decorated room constructed for a pregnancy shoot, with a painting, window with curtains, lace, a bed with bedding, flowers, to create what one person said looked like a movie set:


I can create whatever background is wanted for a picture. I can even change the background for each picture.
These two examples are as seen in the camera after taking the picture, they are not edited afterwards. This means if you do a shoot like this with me, every picture you get on CD will have the background in it. You don't need to pay for each picture to be edited.