Time For Pictures (TFP)

Photographers sometimes offer free photo shoots or discounts, in exchange for the model's consent to publish the pictures.
There are two main types of agreement between the photographer and model:

Time For Pictures (TFP)

The model offers her time free of charge in exchange for pictures. Often this is a specified number of edited pictures, but this can vary with photographer and situation.
The photographer offers his time free of charge in exchange for a signed model release form, giving him permission to use the images in his portfolio and in advertising his business.

Discounted Photo Shoots

On paid photo shoots the photographer may offer extra free time and edited pictures in exchange for permission to publish those pictures ie the signing of a model release form (see below).

What is involved with TFP for each party?

As can be seen from the following lists the model benefits, with relatively little work/time, while the photographer puts in a lot of time/effort.
It's usually a really good deal for the model.

The model will:

  • Sometimes do her own makeup, have it done by an MUA the photographer pays for, or pay for an MUA herself.
  • She travels to the photo shoot.
  • She spends the duration of the photo shoot modelling.
  • She travels back from the photo shoot.

The photographer will usually:

  • Spend time coming up with ideas for the photo shoot, scouting locations etc.
  • He may build or buy props and clothes and he may setup his studio for the shoot.
  • He travels to the photo shoot.
  • Using his (usually) very expensive equipment, he photographs the model. His equipment will gradually wear out and will need replacing.
  • He travels back from the photo shoot.
  • He backs-up the pictures.
  • He recharges batteries, and sometimes needs to clean his equipment.
  • He goes through the pictures and selects the best ones.
  • He edits the best pictures (often this takes many more hours than the photo shoot).
  • He spends time publishing the pictures and sending the edits to the model.

What is involved with a discounted photo shoot?

As can be seen from the following list the model benefits from more work/time from the photographer, at no expense to herself.

  • The photographers may offer a longer photo shoot for the same price.
  • The photographer will offer free edits in exchange for permission to publish.