Red Double-Decker Bus

Christchurch has a new attraction for tourists and locals, a restored red double-decker bus. The bus has been operating 6 days a week (not Mondays) for 3 weeks, and offers a tour around the centre of Christchurch. But unlike the original Wimbledon buses, this bus also offers chocolate.

The bus starts on the bridge on Worcester Boulevard (which runs from Cathedral Square to Hagley Park):

It currently leaves at 11am, 1pm and 3pm. If you don't notice the bus LOL, then look out for this sign:

Those who have seen red buses in London, will recognise the front of this bus:

Enthusiasts may want to chat to Alpha, the driver, about the mechanics of the bus, and may want to look at the engine:

This bus has a chocolate flavour, and the enthusiasm for chocolate and the bus are evident talking to one of the two conductors, Arjuna:

As with many attractions, it is the people running them that can add that special touch. I suspect Arjuna will make travelling on the bus a real pleasure, and I look forward to testing my theory in the near future. Having already tasted the chocolate, I know I'm going to enjoy that side of things.

If you see the bus travelling around the centre of Christchurch, like this, with the Port Hills in the background:

or like this, with Christchurch Cathedral and a tram in the background:

you'll now understand what it's all about.

Further information is available here:

Written on 10th February 2011 by Steve

Since writing this article I have travelled on the bus and written this article:Red Double-Decker Bus Update and 22nd Feb Earthquake